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Cost of Cataract Surgery In Mumbai, India

Cost of Cataract Surgery or Cataract Treatment In Mumbai, India

March 10, 2018


Determinants of the cost of Cataract surgery depend on the following.

  1. Type of procedure
  2. Type of lens used
  3. The healthcare institution that the procedure would take place.

Even though Cataract surgery is a high-tech procedure, the recent advancements in microsurgery and innovative materials have drastically brought down the costs of the procedure. It has now become affordable to any average income individual.

Types of Procedure

Cataract surgery is a highly specialized surgery, done under a surgical microscope used to visualize the making 2 millimeters opening by the steady hands of a surgeon. Improvements in low penetrative lasers have now enabled the use of highly specialized lasers to create the incisions via a computer generated mapping system which ensures pinpoint accuracy.

Types of lenses

Conventional lenses and lenses highly specialized for individual needs are available for prospective patients. The cost depends on whether the lenses were manufactured locally or internationally.

Highly specialized lenses used for ease of nighttime driving or using computers for long hours have also been introduced. These tend to be on the more expensive side. Your occupation and specific needs must be considered when selecting the proper lens for the surgery.

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