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What Type Of Cataract Lenses Are Best For You?

What Type Of Cataract Lenses Are Best For You?

August 13, 2019

What Is Cataract?

A cataract is an age-related problem that involves the lens of the eye. In this condition the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and the patient feels that they are looking from a cloudy and blurry piece of glass. The cloudy vision caused by cataract causes difficulty in reading and driving especially at night or dark light.

In most cases, cataract develops slowly and do not cause any symptoms. The disease is progressive and with time it worsens and causes blurry and cloudy vision. Initially, the cloudy vision can be countered with the use of glasses and contact lenses. However, these are not permanent treatments for this condition. As the condition progresses, these methods fail to deliver the visual acuity and the patient is left only with the option of cataract surgery.

How Is Cataract Surgery Performed?

Cataract surgery is done to replace the cloudy cataract lens with an artificial lens. A widely used advanced surgery to treat the cataract is known as phacoemulsification.

  • At the start of surgery, the surgeon injects anesthetic solution around eyes or administer numbing eye drops in the eye.
  • After this process, the surgeon makes an incision on cornea. The size of the incision is between 1.8mm to 2.75mm.
  • The surgeon then inserts a small ultrasonic device in the eye to destroy cloudy cataract lens in small pieces.
  • The tool which is inserted in the eye causes vibration to chop the lens and fragments of the lens completely mixes in the lens material.
  • The lens material istaken out of the eye through the probe tip
  • After removing the lens material, the surgeon will insert a hollow tube to implant the intraocular lens into the lens’ natural capsule
  • Once the lens is placed in the eyes, it unfolds and takes an actual position in the eyes.
  • In most cases, the incision does not require any type of stitching
  • This surgery is commonly performed as an outpatient because this surgery gets completed in about 30 minutes and patients do not require staying in a hospital.

To minimize side effects and obtaining the desired level of vision after cataract surgery, the patient should opt for the best doctor performing cataract surgery in India.

What Are The Various Types Of Lenses Used To Treat Cataract?

  • Monofocal lens: It is the most common type of cataract lens. The main advantage of this lens is that it is available in different focusing distance such as far distance, near distance and intermediate distance. The patient can choose the lens with the right distance to increase comfort. Light cannot be focused simultaneously from both and near objects on the cornea with this type of lens. When light enters inside the eye, going through monofocal lens present in its path, it forms a single focal point on the retina.
  • Toric intraocular lens: The toric intraocular lens is decent for the treatment of cataract and also improves astigmatism in patients. Toric intraocular lens increases the rotational stability of eye
  • Multifocal intraocular lens: Multifocal lens is suitable for those patients who want to achieve a correct vision at all distance. The multifocal intraocular lens is generally used in patients suffering from presbyopia. Implantation of this lens decreases the need for wearing glasses during reading and while working on a computer.
  • Aspheric intraocular lens: This type of lens is used to improve image quality. The aspheric lens improves the minor optical imperfection which may be occurred due to higher-order abrasion. In this condition, the quality of vision is continuously reduced especially in dim light. This lens is useful for those people who drive at night.
  • Accommodating intraocular lens: Accommodating intraocular lens does work like a monofocal lens. To overcome the impact on accommodation after cataract surgery, accommodating intraocular lensare generally used.

What Are The Precautions After Cataract Surgery?

  • Post-operative eye drops: Post-operative eye drops may consist of antibiotics, NSAIDs and steroidal drugs. The post operative eye drops protect the eye from any type of infection and reduce inflammations. Risk of infection is significantly increased after cataract surgery. Thus, the patient should strictly adhere to prescription.
  • Eyeshield: Use eye shields during sleeping to protect your eyes. You can use dark glasses at day time. Wash your eye shield and eyeglasses every day and dry them after every wash. 
  • Washing the face: Wash your eyes according to the instruction given by your surgeon. Skip splashing water in eyes during the healing process.
  • Physical activities: Avoid physical activities for 4-6 weeks after surgery. Physical activities to be avoided are walking, watching TV for a prolonged period, too much talking, jogging, swimming, playing sports, cooking and gardening.
  • Makeup: Do not apply eye makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, etc. at least four weeks after cataract surgery.

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