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Is Cataract Surgery Safe To Do During COVID?

Introduction In a cataract, the vision of the eyes become blurry due to the opacification of the lens. Cataract is a second major cause of visual impairment and preventable blindness. Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures to improve vision and prevent blindness across the world. Average monthly cataract surgeries performed in India

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Novel IOL Implant In Cataract Patients With AMD

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) significantly affects visual functioning and is one of the leading causes of blindness. It has been estimated that almost 196 million people all over the world would be affected by this condition till 2020 and the number increased to 288 million in 2040. When AMD and cataract are simultaneously present in

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Astigmatism: A New “No” In Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is probably one of the most ancient surgeries done by humans. In the initial days the surgery done was known as couching. The procedure of Couching, unlike today, was done in the patients who have a completely opaque lens, which becomes rigid and subsequently so heavy that fragility occurs in the supporting zonules. The techniques

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Alteration Of The Inflammatory Profile Of Aqueous After Flacs And Its Comparison With Conventional Phacoemulsification

Novel and innovative technologies may not have all the aspects better than the previous technologies used in medical and surgical practices. While it may provide a better outcome of the surgical procedure, familiarity with the technology and hands-on experience is a prerequisite for a significantly better outcome. Extensive training of the surgeons in context to

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Does breastfeeding reduces the risk of cortical cataract? The study says yes…

A lot of mothers breastfeed their babies and numerous studies indicate the benefits of breastfeeding on children. However, the benefits of breastfeeding on the mother have not been comprehensively evaluated. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that 24.9% of the mothers breastfeed their child till 6 months while 35.9% of mothers breastfeed until

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Cataract Myths And Facts, You Should Know Before Undergoing Cataract Surgery In India

Cataract surgery is a common surgery for restoring clear vision. Various myths are associated with cataract and cataract surgery. You should bust those myths before undergoing cataract surgery in India. Various Myths And Facts Related To Cataract Myth 1: Only older people get cataract Myth Buster: Although the condition of cataract is common in people

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What Type Of Cataract Lenses Are Best For You?

What Is Cataract? A cataract is an age-related problem that involves the lens of the eye. In this condition the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and the patient feels that they are looking from a cloudy and blurry piece of glass. The cloudy vision caused by cataract causes difficulty in reading and driving especially

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Vision After Cataract Surgery

Introduction Various questions come in mind of the person undergoing cataract surgery. These questions may be regarding the need of glasses after surgery, the safety of cataract surgery, the procedure of cataract surgery, recovery process and how to search for the best cataract surgeon. Need Of Prescription Glasses After Cataract Surgery Whatever the type of

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